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The Best Betting For March Madness

The Best Betting for March Madness

If you want to bet on March Madness, learning how can be easy with access to the proper betting tools. It’s no surprise that March Madness draws in sports bettors. The only comparison would be the Super Bowl. But with March Madness, you have 68 Division 1 men’s  college teams all ready to jump into the NCAA basketball world.

We have this online betting guide with March Madness betting strategies if you’re unsure where to start. You will have everything needed for after Selection Sunday, and betting on the first-round games up to the final won’t seem so intimidating.

What is March Madness?

Division I college basketball champions are decided in March and early April. The single-elimination tournament sees 64 teams invited to play over just a few weeks, hence the name March Madness. The selection process to compete is so rigid that getting the chance is seen as an achievement of its own. Winning their conference tournaments, played just before March Madness itself, is how the first 32 teams
are selected for automatic bids. With the last spots, 30 are allocated by a selections committee based on certain criteria, ensuring the best teams are given the opportunity. The last two slots are played for by the four most deserving teams, with the winning two moving forward into the big tournament.

Moving forward, the teams split into four regions based on seeding. Each team is given a seeding rank, with the four highest-ranked teams given number one seedings. The same goes for the other 16, with each region having 16 teams ranked 1-16. The idea is that the better your seed, the easier the route to the championship is. There is a lot of criteria that go into matching the teams. This method rewards regular season play.

The tournament then begins. Each region plays until they have one winner, who then faces the winner of the other regions. The final two teams play in the championship final. But lose one game, and it’s game over.

Betting the Moneyline for March Madness Games

If you’re looking for an easy way to bet on March Madness, a moneyline bet may be the way forward. Very simply, a moneyline bet is betting on the team you think will win the game.

Winnings will be dependent on a couple of things: (1) the amount of money you stake and (2) the offered odds. When on the betting menu, the moneyline will be represented with a three-digit number that will be negative or positive.

The positive number on a moneyline will show how much you could win on a $100 stake. So if the number is +350, a $100 bet will payout $350. But if the number is negative, it indicates how much you would have to stake to win $100. For example, if the moneyline is -135 you would need to stake $135 to make a $100

As a bet, the moneyline shows more than which team is considered the favorite or the underdog. It also shows you how much you could win.

Don’t forget: You don’t have to stake $100 on the moneyline. That’s just how the operators display the payout rates. All sportsbooks will have their minimum and maximum betting amounts for the March Madness games allowing you to bet within that range.

Also, most sportsbooks will calculate just how much you could win and let you know before you confirm your bet. So no need to be good at maths!


Every US sportsbook will have March Madness odds available, so don’t just jump into the first one you find. Shop around to make sure you’re getting the best value. Also, sportsbooks will be offering March Madness promotions and bonuses, so keep an eye out for those. Remember to check if your sportsbook is licensed and you are gambling in a state that allows online sports betting.

You don’t have to be a resident, just within state borders and of legal gambling age. So sign up to a legal sportsbook today, place your bets on college basketball, and enjoy the madness!

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