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Google Play Allows Betting Apps

Google Play Allows Betting Apps

Google has announced it will start allowing gambling apps on its Play Store in the US. The new updated policy will allow US gambling fans to download betting apps to support real-money wagering in 15 countries. The countries include Germany, Romania, Mexico, Australia, the US, and more.

Although this is a welcomed change, there won’t be a massive influx of gambling apps. Google still requires all developers to complete its application process, and the new policy change won’t be removing that as a requirement.

As with all the apps on the Google Play Store, there are strict conditions for all developers to follow, and gambling products have more boxes to tick. The operators will need to be licensed for the different types of games it offers and be approved by their respective governments. There are also categories under which the apps will have to fall: sports betting, online casino games, daily fantasy sports, or lotteries.

The application process will safeguard users by ensuring the operator uploading the app has a license to run a gambling operation in available countries.

If users had wanted to use wagering apps on their Androids phones before this change, it would have meant sideloading them, something that Google has been actively trying to curb. However, if you own an iPhone, you have been able to download gambling apps direct from the App Store.

On top of the other requirements, operators will also have to provide safeguards to ensure underage players won’t be able to access the mobile apps and restrict access to other countries not covered by the license. The final requirement is that all gambling apps will be free to download and will not use Google
Play’s in-app billing system.

Why are Mobile Sportsbooks The Future

The online division of the gambling industry has grown to the value of 66.7 billion USD, a jump from 58.9 billion from the previous year, according to Statista. If the growth carries on at the same rate, the online gambling market will be worth over 92.9 billion USD in just two years.

Many people take advantage of being able to play and bet on casino and sportsbook sites using their computer or apps for either Android and iOS. Although most use their computers and laptops, operators now see where the industry is heading and are moving towards more convenient mobile apps.

Real-World Effects of Mobile Betting

These developments will mean sports betting will become a bigger part of the NFL experience this season.

There will be over/under totals and point spreads scrolling across the bottom of the screen on NFL Network. Betting lounges featuring different mobile sportsbook options will be opening in more than seven stadiums. Commercials for bookmakers will be shown during national game broadcasts.

This is a huge change from last season, in which there were no mentions of sports betting. There will be six ads during games, and that’s not including the increased discussion of point spreads and odds during
preview shows.

NFL official sportsbook partner WynnBET has released its new campaign directed by Ben Affleck and with Shaquille O’Neal. The company has produced a portfolio of commercials to roll out over the next few months.

Mobile Betting Conclusion

All these new avenues of sports betting make it important for you to play a legal way. Check your online sportsbook is licensed, and make sure your state has legalized online sports gambling. If you live in a state that doesn’t allow online sports gambling, you can still join in the fun. Simply visit a state where this legislation has been authorized. You don’t have to be a resident just within state lines and of legal gambling age. If you’re an Android user, enjoy the new wealth of apps you can now download.

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