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How To Make A Futures Bet

How To Make A Futures Bet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look into the future? What if you could see into the future and make money placing bets on sports events? Unfortunately, you can’t, but the thrill and hopefully winnings from futures is fantastic consolation.

The name is self-explanatory: they are bets placed on events with an outcome decided in the far future. Like all other forms of sports betting, futures bets were legalized in certain states in 2018 when the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA. Not every state has made the move to legalize sports betting yet, but there are still plenty of places to gamble.

The great part is even if you live in a state where gambling online is not yet legalized, you can use online sportsbooks. You simply have to be being the borders of a state where the laws allow gambling. You do not have to be a resident of the state, just of legal gambling age. In this guide, our betting experts will teach you all about futures bets, their odds, and the best places to find legal futures bets in the US.

What Is A Futures Bet?

Futures bets are bets placed on sporting events in the future. The most common kinds of futures placed on the winners of major sporting events (“Who will win the Super Bowl?”), but futures can also be placed on markets like winners of individual awards. The MVP of any sporting league, or defensive player of the year, are some of the markets where you can place future bets.

Just because a game is in the future, it doesn’t make it a future bet. A game in a week doesn’t count as a future bet. Futures require an extended amount of time for the result/winner/etc. to be decided. Most users place futures before the season begins, but you can also place them during the season. Odds will fluctuate throughout the season as results, injuries, and form change oddsmakers’ views, so it is usually better to place futures as early as possible.

This type of betting is widespread across the US. The excitement of future bets comes because the wager has enough time to have highs and lows. Waiting all season for the bet to potentially come to fruition is hugely attractive for bettors. Also, futures tend to have high payouts, which only adds to the enjoyment.

Futures bets can be found on any US sportsbook. Just look for ‘futures’ under the major league sport that you want to bet on.

Specific Futures Bets

Before putting on any future bets, it is vital to understand how odds work to find the best bets for yourself. Here is are some examples to help explain:

 NFL Futures Betting

Imagine a sportsbook offers a futures bet on the 2022 Super Bowl winner.

The Kansas City Chiefs are favored to win the Super Bowl at +400. If you wager a $100 on the Chiefs to win and your bet comes through, you will receive a $500 payout ($400 in winnings + $100 your stake).

Payouts are larger for underdog winners. For example, if you place a $100 on the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl at +3000. If the bet comes through, you will get paid a whopping $3100 ($3000 in winnings + $100 your stake).

Basic Futures Betting Tips

Shop for Lines: As with all sports betting, it is important to look at different sportsbook apps to see which offer the best odds on the futures you want to bet on. This will help you get the best odds.

Get Your Bets in Early: Odds for futures are normally better the earlier you place the bet, so if you’re sure on your bet then find the best sportsbook and put your bets down early.

Hedge Your Bets: By hedging your bets can get rid of some of the risks and add a little bit more excitement. Your profits may be lower, but you will still get a payout and that is what is important. Hedging bets comes with its own risks and is tricky at times, so please only do this if you are confident. The most important thing to remember is to bet smart and within your limits so that you come away with a profit.

Futures Betting Summary

Whether you are an experienced gambler or someone who has never placed a bet before, futures offer a thrilling way to bet on your favorite sports. If you want your rewards to be instant then future betting is not for you. If you’re in for the long haul you should definitely check out future betting. It adds a new layer of jeopardy and excitement to the sports you adore.

In the US, many legal sportsbooks have generous welcome bonuses and promotions for first-time bettors. As there has never been a better time to start betting, download a legal sportsbook app and join the excitement today. While at it, don’t forget to claim a great bonus on futures bets!

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