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Betting on MLB

Make this MLB season your most profitable yet. Discover moneylines, round-robins,
totals, and futures, all explained by our experts.

Betting on MLB

A Major League Baseball season runs for six months, beating any other US professional sports league. With a preseason, regular and postseason, MLB has thousands of games for bettors to enjoy. US sportsbook apps take complete advantage of this and offer bettors thousands of chances to bet on America’s favorite pastime.

Finding the best MLB bets can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our guide written by our betting experts shares everything you could want to know about betting on MLB. It includes helpful information such as which apps offer MLB betting, the more popular bet types for MLB, and even tips and tricks from
other MLB bettors.

Is Betting On MLB Legal In The US

There are many states where MLB betting is legal. These include New Jersey, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, plus many more. Also, residency isn’t a requirement. As long as you are across state lines and old enough to bet legally, you can gamble on your favorite team or player from anywhere within that state.

Reading MLB Lines, odds, and bets


Moneyline bets will be the type you come across the most, especially as an MLB fan. These straight-up bets are based on which team will win the game and can be placed at any well-known sportsbooks. They work with a minus (-) for the favorite team and a plus (+) for the underdog. There will also be a monetary amount
next to the symbol, which will show you your potential winnings on a $100 bet.

Round Robins

Round robin bets will usually be a two-team parlay bet and could include 3-8 teams. The idea with parlays is the more bets placed, the bigger the winnings will be. You can take MLB round robin bets one step further and create combination parlays that include 2-6 different teams.

So, the player likes the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, and the New York Mets going into the MLB matchups. If this were a normal parlay bet you would usually mix all of the three games into one. But, if you were to combine the three teams and form 3 two-team parlays you would have a round-robin bet. It would mean if only two of the three teams win, you would still win a fair amount instead of losing everything. Plus, if all three win, you profit even more.


All US legal sportsbook operators set a total for MLB games, allowing bettors to gamble if the total of runs scored is over or under the predicted sportsbook amount. The downside is that all bets will have to go the full 9 innings for a completed bet no matter the weather or other circumstances, which is unique from
other kinds of bets.


If you think you can see into the future, this might be the bet for you. These bets are based on something happening months down the line. For MLB this is betting on things like, division winners, league winners and who will be MVP. With future bets, the aim to predict something means the sooner you place them,
the bigger the payout will be.

Become A Smarter MLB Bettor

Analyze Pitching Formations

Starters of each of the teams are the best place to begin your research. For MLB this comes into play as, unlike other sports where starting players have a bigger role, MLB starters don’t usually remain on the mound for the entire game. Knowing this can advise you on when to target a pitching formation or avoid it

Do Your Research

As a stat-driven sport, researching a specific team can tell which spots you think will be worth betting on through the season. The team research can tell you where they excel and any weaknesses they may have.

Avoid Big Favorites

If you’re a recreational bettor, the operators know you’re more likely to bet on the favorites, and they’ll capitalize on this and change their lines. All the well-known big clubs such as the Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers will all have bets placed despite where the lines are set. It just means even if they win, the payout
is always going to be small, and if they lose, you lose.


The MLB is a long season in which many unpredictable things can happen. After reading our tips above you should be ready to join the excitement yourself. Just remember to download a licensed sportsbook and be within a state that allows online sports gambling. Good luck for the season!

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